Programming languages provide a conceptual framework which is necessary for the development, analysis, optimization and understanding of programs and programming tasks.

The aim of the PROLE series of conferences (PROLE stems from the spanish PROgramación y LEnguajes) is to serve as a meeting point for spanish research groups which develop their work in the area of programming and programming languages. The organization of this series of events aims at fostering the exchange of ideas, experiences and results among these groups. Promoting further collaboration is also one of the main goals of PROLE.

Since 2011, PROLE conferences are hosted by the Spanish Society of Software Engineering and Software Development Technologies (SISTEDES).

PROLE bylaws (Estatutos) are available here.

NEW! (2019-10-28) Next edition will be in Málaga.

Conference Topics

PROLE welcomes both theoretical and practical works concerning the specification, design, implementation, analysis, and verification of programs and programming languages. More precisely, the topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

  • Programming paradigms (concurrent, functional, imperative, logic, agent-, aspect-, object oriented, visual, ...) and their integration,
  • Specification and specification languages,
  • Type systems,
  • Languages and techniques for new computation and programming models (DNA and quantum computing, genetic programming, ...),
  • Compilation; programming language implementation (tools and techniques),
  • Semantics and their application to the design, analysis, verification, and transformation of programs,
  • Program analysis techniques,
  • Program transformation and optimization, and
  • Tools and techniques for supporting the development and connectivity of programs (modularity, generic programming, markup languages, WWW, ...).

Mailing List

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